So Easy Even A Monkey Can Do It!

Listen to me now, even if you have never listened to me before! When your man speaks these words GRAB THE CAMERA! Right then and there!

Big Daddy bought a satellite dish for his motor home. When he brought it home, opened it up and spread it all over my counter I politely asked if I could help him put it together. “No!, It’s so easy even a monkey could do it!” was his response. I just stood there, looking at him in amazement thinking “GRAB THE CAMERA! QUICK!” I didn’t, of course (because I certainly would have shared something that awesome!). I did, however, keep an eye on the situation. When he got to the point they all get to when they don’t read the directions and can’t proceed further, I asked “Why don’t you look at the directions?” ¬†AND what do you think he said? “WHAT! Don’t you think I would! There aren’t any!” Huh? I can’t imagine a part that costs that much NOT having directions! SOOOO, as soon as he left the room I picked up the top of the box, removed the directions and put them on my desk. Two days later he was still working on the silly thing. (It was a “jacked up” hot mess!) I slipped out, fixed the brace (cuz I read the directions and knew how to do it) and up it went, in just a couple of minutes!!!!

Now, I know there are lots of “wifely” tips in my little story but that isn’t what this is about! Keep your camera handy, that’s all I’m saying! You’ll get your chance!

Yes! That is MY Big Daddy harassing some poor, defensive, tourist he doesn't know! Monkey Boy!

Yes! That is MY Big Daddy harassing some poor, defensive, tourist he doesn’t know! Monkey Boy!