Woman Can NOT Live By Man ALoNe!

These guys are real stiffs!

These guys are real stiffs!

I am constantly telling Big Daddy “You NEVER listen to what I am telling you!” I am not the only one. I hear my girlfriends telling me and each other the same thing. After having one of our my frustrating conversations where I was saying something VERY IMPORTANT about how I wish I had this really cute outfit to wear and Big Daddy’s response was something about the STUPID Nascar race that was on I, once again, said “You NEVER listen to what I am telling you!”. He gave me the MOST important bit of information he could have ever said…”It’s because you have SO much to  say”. You know what? At that very moment I got it!

We are women, we have a LOT of things to say to one another AND every wee bit of it IS important! Life altering, you might say. For this reason, we need each other. It starts when we are little girls. We share secrets with our cats, our dolls, our sisters. As teenagers, we share our secrets with our BFF, our teachers, our coaches. As women we share our secrets with our girlfriends, our mothers….our daughters. As maturing women we have decided that anyone and everyone should hear what we have to say. People in line at the grocery store, the doctors office, the bozo in the car next to us in stopped traffic who mistakenly looked our way.

As a young wife, my Nana told me something that ALL Mothers / Grandmothers should tell their daughters…”Never tell anyone, other than your girlfriend, when you and your husband are having a rough time”. Why? you ask. Because two days after your “fight” with Big Daddy, you are back in love with him (because he properly made things right). All that your co-workers / casual friends / the lady in the doctors office  remember is what a jerk he was.

I am THE most fortunate girlfriend ever! MY girlfriends are married to the same man I am. They completely understand how I feel and what I go through. They also know how incredibly in love I am with Big Daddy and how important he is to me. Thankfully, they feel the same about their Big Lugs as I do!

Seriously! Who marries these men? Oh Wait! We do!

Seriously! Who marries these men? Oh Wait! We do!

Our conversations go something like this “Umm hmmm girl, I know what you mean!”, “Oh NO he did nnnt!”, “WHAT! Seems like he’d learn from the last time!”, “I like your new ring!”. See, most stories have a happy ending girlfriend!

If I could share one secret with you today, other than surround yourself with great girlfriends who are like minded, it would be “Just do what you want to do”.  Think about that for a second……

Start small. You have been telling Big Daddy you need a new outfit. As your girlfriend, I would say “Don’t ask him, make it about him”. Save your money, find what you want on sale and after your shower one night just come out of the bathroom dressed in the new outfit you got for him. My sister wanted a new fridge. She complained for years about that stupid fridge (that worked perfectly, by the way). If you want something like that that bad, you should have it…at least that is what I have always thought. My suggestion to her was…Just do it! Ask around… Do any of your friends need a nice fridge for their garage or to replace theirs? Are there any friends who have the type of fridge you want for sale?  No, start saving for the amount it would cost for the new fridge, find it on sale, sell yours, have it replaced one day before Big Daddy got home. Tell him how you could put all the desserts you made him in it or how much money it is going to save you in electricity.  It works this way for pretty much anything. A trip you want to take, Date Night Out, Jewelry, Shoes, you name it.

Trust me when I say “They don’t want to think about it”, How proud of you do you think he will be if he comes home and it is taken care of? You saved how much? How amazing are you for saving that much or arranging it without taking away from anything else. Need some ideas….Just ask your girlfriend!