10 Easy Steps To The PERFECT Marriage

10 Easy Steps to the PERFECT Marriage

1. Marry wealthy

2. NEVER have any kids

3. Don’t EVER eat any junk or fattening foods

4. Hire a maid

5. Spend lots of time with great girlfriends

6. Take your laundry to the “Fluff and fold”

7. Take time off to go have your hair and nails done

8. Keep your Mother-In-Law happy

9. Take amazing vacations

10. Make yourself happy

What? Is it too late for all that! Your Big Daddy isn’t wealthy? You have 10 kids? You never workout and eat lots of yummy junk food? You can’t afford a maid / vacation / to get your hair and nails done every week?!?! Your Mother-In-Law is not as wonderful as you wished she was?

Don’t despair, You can still be happy AND your life will be much easier if you just follow these simple little things….

1) Live life on your tip toes! – My girlfriend is always so excited to share fun things she literally walks on her tip toes. We should ALL do that!

2) Let the other guy be the Jerk! – I have told my kids this their entire lives. You don’t have to “win” every discussion or disagreement and YOU don’t have to be the Jerk!

3) Take care of yourself! – Not only do you deserve it (for being an awesome wife!) but he deserves it too! Remember…when you  take care of him you are taking care of you  too! Workout! It doesn’t have to be in the gym or running forever. Find something you like, Enjoy it! It is also the PERFECT girlfriend time.  Dress up, paint your nails, do your hair. Don’t you feel good when you look good!

This is what I look like when I work out! NOT!

This is what I look like when I work out! NOT!

4) Teach your kids to behave! – Right NOW! It is never too late or too early  to teach them to be respectful and help with chores. It is tough in the beginning but SO worth it!

5) There isn’t anything you can’t have, remember that! You  are in control of your life! If don’t believe me, give me the opportunity to show you how you can have just about anything you want!

6) Oh Dear Lord! You seriously HAVE to try your best with the In-Laws! His Mother and / or Sister can make or break a Holiday gathering if you are on the “outs”! Thankfully I have the most amazing In-Laws ever but I have heard HORRIBLE stories of friends who don’t. My daughter, in fact, had the worst In-Laws ever! In this case refer to item #2) Let the other guy be the Jerk! She still did everything she was supposed to and played “happy family” when they got together. She makes me SO proud!

7) What is the Fluff and Fold? Your local laundry mat has a laundry service. When things get a bit CrAzY use it! Drop your stinky, dirty, disgusting laundry off in the morning on your way to work and pick it up that evening smelling great! Folded! Organized! Take it home and toss it in the drawers. What a mental load off! Better yet, if your teenage children have a job , teach them to do it! It really is an inexpensive service if you are only doing your everyday clothes.

8) Read great blogs! Ha! Ha! Or write your own! I take the time to read blogs that make me happy, teach me a thing or two and that I can relate to. Why? It makes me a better cook, my house is clean in 5 easy steps,  I am not the only dork in the world and can laugh at others silly mistakes!

9) You really should take AMAZING vacations! You don’t have to go far! Half of the fun is planning, researching, saving, dreaming about it. Start small and local then once you get the hang of it AND NO ONE DIED BECAUSE YOU TOOK TIME OFF FROM WORK then dream BIG! I am GOING to go to Spain in 2015! It is worth the wait and all the extra work saving for it!

Oh Matador! Wait for me!

Oh Matador! Wait for me!

10) Treat your wonderful husband as your best friend! He is you know, your best friend.

Only someone who is that awesome wears a red suit to his wedding! My BFF!

Only someone who is that awesome wears a red suit to his wedding! My BFF!