Feed Me, Rub Me, Throw Me In Bed

Okay, so maybe someone does like to eat a bit...well, maybe just cake!

Okay, so maybe someone does like to eat a bit…well, maybe just cake!

Big Daddy is always bringing me TONS of food, from the grocery store, from the farmer’s market, from the restaurant. When it goes bad, cuz’ there is SO stinkin’ much of it I can’t eat it all¬†(Believe you me, I have tried!) , he gets mad. By the way, our last house had 4 refrigerators and 1 freezer.

Feeding me is his “Love Language”. Knowing this, I try to make sure all of his meals are extra special.

I am constantly cleaning and straightening up. I make him special little cards and treats. I stay busy ALL day long working on things I think he would like. This is how I show him my love. Sometimes I wonder if he even notices all the things I do AND if he even cares. Honestly, Does he think the underwear fairy just leaves his fresh, warm towel and  jammies on the sink for when he gets out of the shower?

I got to thinking about this…We must be busy doing things for one another that we think are things each one wants or needs from each other and just missed the mark. Get it? I am not sure why it sounds soooo much better in my head than written down, weird!

Apparently, There is a book written by a gentleman named Gary Chapman called “The 5 Love Languages”. The Love Languages according to Gary are; Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time and Physical Touch. Just for “research” I had Big Daddy and I take the test just to see what Gary thought our “Love Languages” are. What I found interesting was not so much about what our Love Languages are but what they aren’t. Neither Big Daddy and I are about getting/receiving gifts! I could care less about getting a shiny new ring (Don’t be silly and think I don’t like one as much as the next gal) on my anniversary, I would rather go somewhere special and spend the time together. He and I share that character in common.

Now, knowing this you would think that the way we show each other love would reflect that. Not so much! I have already told you how much he likes to bring home food and snacks for me. There is something else I can always say about him…I wake up every day getting loved, I go to bed every night getting loved, just about every day of our lives he gets something just for me. It may be as simple as my favorite drink, a magazine, a measuring tape, a new tool (I say that my love for tools makes me an awesome wife too!). Some days it is much bigger but there is always something. I am a server. I love making sure he has a fresh drink, cleaning out his truck, making sure his shirts are steamed / ironed so he can just pick one out of the closet and not think about it.

SSSOOOO the big question was what is our Love Language? His is Physical Touch. Duh! He is a guy! No…Seriously, it is things like holding hands riding in the Truck, taking a second while I am in the middle of making dinner and giving him a hug, sometimes when he is talking to me I will just take his face in my hands and give him a quick kiss on the cheek. I guess these little seconds really mean a lot to him.

Only someone who is that awesome wears a red suit to his wedding!

Only someone who is that awesome wears a red suit to his wedding!

Okay… What about me? Mine is Quality Time. Not like, we have to spend every second together or I want you to go to the craft store with me or sit beside me while I talk to my sisters for an hour and comment about their “New life altering moment”. But the kind of Quality Time that we say…Let’s sneak away in the middle of the day and go watch a movie together unexpectedly, let’s go to Home Depot and pick out a new plant for the front porch together, It’s storming outside so let’s pick out a television series on Netflix or On Demand and watch it ALL day long. That kind of Quality Time.

Quality Time!

Quality Time!

This is what I call Quality Time! Big Lobsters and good friends!

This is what I call Quality Time! Big Lobsters and good friends!

You should take the time to find out exactly what your Love Languages are. It might just be totally opposite from what you thought it was. Or even better that you have the same Love Language!

So what could be so secret about any of this? That it doesn’t take a lot of money or tons of time to make every day special. Have fun, laugh often and dance in the rain!