Room Service

You would think there is nothing but “Lovin’ goin’ on round here” with TWO posts about “Date Night” in a row. Truth is I am an ALL or nothing girl. This is both good for Big Daddy and Bad! This just happens to be a good week, lucky him! Next week he will be “all fat and happy”!

Room Service...OOOH and I get to show off my new comforter set! What do you think?

Room Service…OOOH and I get to show off my new comforter set! What do you think?

I try to keep things fun. Tonight is a “Room Service” kind of night. Who doesn’t love room service, right? For Father’s Day I made Big Daddy a little room service sign and stuck it on the door to the bedroom. I think he had as much fun reading his choices as he did the actual “Date”. To be honest, I had as much fun making it as I did giving it……

What is on tonight's menu? Scuba Steve? The game is going to start in 10 minutes? Dessert first?

What is on tonight’s menu? Scuba Steve? The game is going to start in 10 minutes? Dessert first?

It has kind of been a running joke since he has received the room service card to come up with fun ideas. Scuba Steve, I think, is his favorite. I AM REFERRING TO THE CARD CHOICE, IN THIS INSTANCE! Let’s NOT go there!

It was really easy to make. Just some card stock, wasabi tape, and a printer. Heck! You don’t even need the printer! Just jot down a few fun ideas and hang it on the door. Why not take a few fun pics and give him an idea of what you would suggest?!?!  Just be prepared to offer the “services” you place in the card. Don’t limit yourself either. Offer desserts, to do his laundry, coffee delivered to his bedside, for him to rub your feet, Bring you cupcakes in bed, (oops! those were for me!) ….

I had my idea then decided to search Pinterest (don’t you know I am not the only crafty babe alive, Darn it!) I actually found you a FREE printable and other ideas to add.

Of course, when you tell your girlfriends, over a couple bottles of wine, you get this:

Moby Dick, Angry Oyster, Lollipop tomorrow, No thanks!, Spanky pants, The never ending story, Milk shakes in the yard, Hump Day, Cowgirl Jiney, Monkeys in a barrel…

Which also leads to the WORST dateline EVER …… “Wake up little fellar”, or my ALL time favorite “What’s that smell?”

What kind of services would you provide for “Date Night”?

I guess the secret is out!



“Date Night”!!!!

I am the SEXIEST wife EVEAH! At least that is what I tell myself. Big Daddy usually just laughs and tells me I am silly. It takes silly, RIGHT! Wait! Can silly still be sexy? Oh Geez! I am confused!


I was joking with my girlfriend about it being “Date Night” tonight and she asked where we were going. “Oh no, we don’t actually go anywhere” was my response. We both just looked at each other with smirks on our faces, clearly not thinking of the same thing. I was wondering why Big Daddy and I don’t actually go anywhere for “Date Night” and I am sure she was wondering what they would do if they didn’t actually go anywhere for “Date Night”. Hmmm…things to ponder.

Now Men, I have a secret to share with you that I promise your Mama ain’t going to tell you! Do not, under any circumstances go to your wife after she has been cleaning house all day, running around crazy, has her arms elbow deep in dish water and announce that tonight is “Date Night”!  She is NOT thinking any sexy thoughts! Not then! Not later! and probably NOT tomorrow either!  DO however, Do exactly what Big Daddy did this morning!!! We got up early, had coffee on the back porch and before I got up to start my very busy day offered to buff and rub lotion on my feet. Now, before you go thinking that sounds girly, I have to tell you that Big Daddy is the  MANLIEST MAN EVER! The payoff…When he came to me after cleaning house ALL day, running around crazy, me with my arms elbow deep in dish water and whispered in my ear that it is “Date Night” all I could think was…Ooohh what am I going to wear.

Ladies, I have two secrets to share with you. when it comes to “Date Night” you have two options.While I love “Date Night” as much as the next gal, some days you just aren’t feeling it.

Now, you can do one of two things. Option 1 ~ Make him the MOST wonderful meal of his life! Start off with a little homemade jalapeno poppers (I will share the recipe with you on another post coming soon), make a great salad with lots of onions, serve him a hot, cheesy, bubbly homemade lasagna, garlic bread. Send him away from the table with a drink and “allow” him to watch television for a bit while you clean up (he needs to rest a few for the next step), Slip away into the bedroom and fold down the bed / fluff the pillows and spritz with the sleep spray from Bath and Body works (great stuff), put his jammies out for his shower and suggest he go ahead and get his shower. Afterwards, wait till he is good and settled in watching tv again and offer him a dish of warm, cinnamony, sugary, buttered monkey bread or ooey gooey cookies or hot cherry pie with vanilla ice cream. You offer to take the dishes and put them away, take your time getting your shower, enjoy a bit of dessert and I PROMISE that man will be sawing logs before you can make it to the bed. Either that or be SSSOOOO miserably full he isn’t thinking of ANYTHING except how wonderful you are for taking such good care of him. AND who wants to be kissing on someone with oniony, garlicy breath anyhow.  I know, you love me!

Option 2 ~  Your Big Daddy is going to come to you and announce that tonight is “Date Night”. You are going to think “WHAT?!?! I am standing here with my arms elbow deep in freakin’ dish water, stinkin’ from cleaning house all day, my hair is a mess, I have tomato sauce on my jammy shirt that I haven’t had a chance to change out of from this morning and you want WHAT!!!! That boy has a screw loose!” This is what you should do… Give him a sly little smile and tell him you were thinking the SAME thing! Throw together your favorite light meal, make everyone help clean the kitchen while you slip away and put on some music in the bedroom , put the kiddos to bed early, offer to shower with him and make him wash every last bit of the day off you, after your shower ask him to get you a glass of water to drink while you throw back the covers of the bed , spritz the pillows with that cologne of his you can’t get enough of, dress in something that makes you feel sexy and be waiting when he returns. Trust me on this when I say that you’d be surprised how quick it is before you are relaxing, reading your favorite blog while that man is raiding the kitchen for something to snack on because he was SSSOOO excited to hear you agree that he just had a salad for dinner. NO onions included! I know, you love me!

Besides, he DID buff and lotion up your feet this morning and you LOVED it! Let me know how it goes!

Happy Dating!
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