It Smells Good + Looks Good = It MUST Be Good!

Let’s just say….For the sake of argument….you have been at the pool ALL day with your girlfriends because the weather has been SSOOO stinkin’ nice while your Big Daddy has been slavin’ away at work. You just happen to notice the time and the fact that you are out of something really great to drink because your girlfriends have finished off your cooler, note to self: bring more “cooler action”.

Holy Schnikes! Big Daddy is going to be home in less than an hour and I …I mean you haven’t done a thing (Stupid Florida sunshine and beautiful days!) ! NO straightening of the house, NO dinner plans, NO clean clothes, etc…. What ever is a girl to do? Well, you have come to the right place!

Apparently, I have been doing this for quite a few years. My poor children will tell you we have PERFECTED the 10 second tidy. Before you scoff and “turn me off” thinking “What? another way to organize your house deal”. No such thing. This is a tried and true method to get you out of trouble FAST! Heck! I even use it in place of working out at the gym for hours like my stupid, really in shape and gorgeous girlfriends do.

Take care of immediate probs first, things you can see. Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Floors,  YOU are the key areas. Quick grab a laundry basket to throw things in and put away later as well as a garbage bag. Start with your bedroom – it is the first place he will go to to throw his shoes in the floor. Make the bed, pick up the dirty clothes, throw the garbage in your bag. Next the bathroom – guys are generally painfully predictable. Squirt some toilet blow cleaner in the bowl/give it a  and give it a quick swirl with the brush, spray down cabinets / sink with anything that smells good and wipe off. Empty the can (in your handy dandy bag you are carrying. Throw anything you can into a drawer or put under the cabinet. Vacuum the room.

Kitchen Next – Make sure his favorite drink is nice and chilly! Throw him a drink in the fridge / freezer (if he is a beer guy) This will win you BIG, HUGE points if you don’t already do this and takes away from anything you didn’t do that you should have done! Clean out the dishwasher / load the dishwasher, Clear off the counter tops , spray and wipe down quickly with anything good and smelly. Vacuum the floors.

Throw in a load of laundry + sound effects = I have been working all day getting the house cleaned AND he will have clean “drawers” tomorrow cuz’ he didn’t have any this morning which is why you were all worried about the house in the first place when you left the pool, remember!

YOU – Jump in the shower , wash off all the tan lotion. You will want to get rid of ANYTHING that says you were at the pool. Sorry, I don’t have any fix for the beautiful tan you got today, you can use this to your advantage though! After you rinse off and throw on something cute, you are going to look mighty sexy making dinner with your BEAUTIFUL new tan, sexy outfit (the first thing you saw in your closet) and a frosty beverage for him. Don’t forget to squirt – I love that word! on something smelly yourself – it says “I have taken the time to get dressed for you”. Bwahahahahah!

Run to the fridge and throw something on the stove. This is where it gets a bit tricky! You have options though! Option 1 – Leftovers – You have to have a story to go along with it ESPECIALLY if he really didn’t like it the first time ’round. “I thought we’d have blah, blah, blah tonight so we can get to bed early, I have been thinking of you ALL day!” or “Oh Geez!, long day, thought we would have an easy dinner so we could watch (his favorite show / movie) together” both work well. Option 2 – Freezer action – grab something out of the freezer and throw it into the oven – even if it is not preheated – It will be smelling SOOO good as he comes through the door. It is going to take a LONG time for dinner to get ready so be prepared to spend some “quality” time with him taking away from the fact your frozen dinner is STILL in the oven. YOU HAVE TO COME UP WITH A QUICK appetizer while you guys are spending “quality” time together so he won’t get grouchy from hunger. Now this is key….set the table! Appearances are everything! Again – a set table = I have planned something great for you. Bwahahahah! Sorry I keep laughing!


Do you see a trend? If it smells good, looks good, it MUST be good!

BIG, HUGE SECRET : If you plan on going to the pool today do your 10 second tidy and take something out for dinner first!

Happy Tuesday!