How To Train Your……

How to train your puppy  Hubby!

In 1962 there was a fun movie called “If a Man Answers” starring Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee. The story was about Rich socialite, Sandra Dee who meets and marries photographer Bobby Darin and attempts to “train” him to be the perfect husband. An idea by her (wonderful) mother who offers her a book on “How to train your puppy”. She explained that it is basically the same idea.You know what….She is right!

You can teach an old dog a new trick.

You can teach an old dog a new trick.

Men are like little puppies. No matter if they are BIG puppies or little puppies they ARE “trainable”. Now don’t go getting your pretty little panties in a wad or start huffing and puffing! Think about it for a second…..

Better yet, give it a try. Let’s use the “come” command as an example. You could be in the kitchen, he is in the bedroom, you are calling…and calling…and calling him, he has tuned you out and doesn’t come. What do we do with new puppies? Why, we offer them a treat every time they come when we call them. See! We do the exact same thing here. Try it again. Call his name, if he doesn’t come , go to where he is and ask him if he would taste something for you. Have something he really likes to taste and smooch him up while he is there, maybe offer him a drink too. Try it while you are in the bedroom and he is somewhere else. Call him into the bedroom, if he doesn’t come go get him and ask him if he would help you “move something”. When he gets to the room shut the door and kiss him passionately, open the door and say “thanks, that’s all I needed”. Pretty soon he will come EVERY TIME you call. Reward his “good” behavior!

Offer a bit of incentive when using the "come" command

Offer a bit of incentive when using the “come” command

Barking, howling, whining and crying – Just like a puppy your hubby will “whine and cry, howl and Bark” when left alone. They crave and need attention. He wants you to know he has cares, concerns and needs that need to be met. You have to learn how to quiet his concerns and let him know you are paying attention. Have him on a schedule. Make sure he is well fed, has play time, plenty of petting and words of praise. Make his “crate” comfortable. Speak to him kindly. Barking at your puppy hubby will encourage this type of behavior, avoid it at all costs! As well as whining and crying. Be the example! Always remember to reward good behavior!

House training – You might be a little frustrated right now that your “house training” is not progressing as quickly as you hoped. Your puppy hubby just doesn’t seem to get it! He needs time to develop a “den” instinct and not “soil” your entire house. Don’t be surprised if this part of his training takes a bit, often into years. The key is  to be patient and keep a regular routine or schedule. When he is grooming make sure he understands how to keep his “crate” tidy. Show him where to place his things, ask him “did you see our new hamper?” While feeding him, make sure to note where to put his dinner bowl. Announce “The dishwasher is empty, will ya’ll help me clear the table?” Follow it with a wink and a “maybe we will have time to watch??? or sit outside or take him for a walk. AND as always remember to reward good behavior! Words of praise and lots of petting is perfectly acceptable. Even if you are allowing him to hear you bragging on him to your kids.

When rewarding good behavior make sure to offer something he loves!

When rewarding good behavior make sure to offer something he loves!

Training your puppy  hubby is a task that is both daunting and rewarding. The key is consistency. Keep him on a schedule, meet his needs, give him lots of praise, be a good example. You will be pleased with the results and your puppy hubby will be a pleasure to have around.

Happy Training!


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