My Secret Obsession….


I have this obsession fetish   passion for journals, diaries, scraps of paper to write on…. It has helped and healed me through many a situation. I have planned our entire lives in a journal / diary. I have one for just about every area in my life ; fitness, personal, blogging, ideas for the grands. My all time favorite journal is our Dinner Diary! I love to cook! I get some deep down satisfaction of knowing what I have created has pleased Big Daddy not only physically but emotionally. Food does that to you…it is emotionally satisfying. At least good food does!

If there are two things I know about men… The only two I AM sure of…are take care of his Dog and fill his tank and he is yours forever!

The Dinner Diary works like this… I plan breakfast, lunches and dinner. It keeps things fresh and interesting. It allows me to make notes about what worked and what was a “pinterest fail”. I am able to plan for leftovers and make lunches for our kids (bwahahaha! The oldest is 40!) to take to work.  It also makes it so stinkin’ easy to “pantry shop” and not have to run to the grocery store two times a day. After SSSOOO many years of using it, I don’t always rely on it so much for planning but will sometimes keep record of what we had and where so I can duplicate it later…better!

There are a lot of good resources for dinner ideas. One of my favorite food blogs is “Our Family Eats”, Susan focuses on healthy meals. Thank goodness they are also tasty! AND of course we all have a pinterest board for “Whats for dinner tonight”. I am thinking I need to add a “NEVER SERVE THIS TO YOUR FAMILY”  or a “THIS STUFF IS CRAP” board.

Here is what a few days might look lilke ;

Monday September 16th – Italian

Breakfast – Egg, cheese, tomato English Muffins

Lunch – Stuffed Mushrooms

Dinner – Pepperoni Pizza Lasagna (, salad, garlic bread

Notes : Dinner was a big hit – freeze half for another night.

Tuesday September 17th – American

Breakfast – Waffles, Bacon

Lunch – Out (Big Daddy’s Appt. in Jax)

Dinner – Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Bell peppers, Green tossed Salad (

Notes : Leftover peppers for Allie Sparkles’ school lunch.

This works well as a sandwich, stuffed pepper, for lunch the next day!

This works well as a sandwich, stuffed pepper, for lunch the next day!

My other BIG HUGE secret…I sneak in healthy items when ever I can. I am a vegetarian, Big Daddy is a meat and potatoes man and Allie Sparkles doesn’t eat anything spicy. Almost every meal consists of three separate meals, lots of work, by the way! SSSssoooOOOo I use vegan butter, low sodium,  almond milk, light / fat free / sugar free items as much as possible. I have found that if they don’t see it, they won’t know the difference. The payoff is, if they don’t like it you can always say “Geez! Sorry you didn’t like that, we won’t use their recipe again” . he! he!

Here is the beauty with the Dinner Diary ; Big Daddy will ask “What is for dinner?” your reply “We are having meatloaf” NO? Chicken Pot Pie…NO? Spaghetti? Taco Salad! No! No! No! Okay, Dinner out it is then!

My Daddy always said “We are incapable of having an original thought”. Meaning somewhere, someone has prob already thought of something brilliant we just came up with. Yup, pretty much the same with my brilliant Dinner Diary. I have found THE MOST WONDERFUL POST from a lady who also keeps a dinner diary . This post almost made me cry!

Make sure you share your “tried and true, go to” dinner plans with us! I am always fishing for new ideas…which I will take all the credit for with Big Daddy!

A real woman can dive for dinner AND cook it!

A real woman can dive for dinner AND cook it!


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