50 Ways To Love Your Lover

Tried and True AND He Will Love You!

Thanksgiving Tennessee 071

1) Call Big Daddy into the bedroom (or any room you are busy in) and say “I just missed you! Smooch me up Baby!”

2) While you are grocery shopping (or just about anywhere) look at him with a flirty little smile and wink.

3) Dress the table for dinner (or even just coffee in the morning). Morning Coffee together is the perfect time to just be together. You don’t have to talk. Some people like to sit quietly and have their coffee….ME! NEVER use this time to give him your list of things he needs to do! Bad idea! Really BAD! Trust me on this!

4) Find  a few of your favorite pics together (or take some and print out on your home printer, this could be really fun and honestly takes just a few minutes) and put them out on his night stand, bathroom sink or mirror. Send him to work thinking of how much fun you are!.

5) Tease Big Daddy with something sexy ( a cute NEW pair of panties in an envelope on his car seat). Now this is the best tip ever…If you buy new sexy panties to put in the envelope get two…smaller size for the envelope (unless you are already stinkin’ skinny) and one to put on later to show off.

6) Borrow his car to run an errand with and fill it with gas. This may sound boring but is SO appreciated! Save the receipt and cut it into a heart shape, leave it on the dash. That way he is sure to know you did this for him.

7) Make up an invoice and leave it on his dinner plate at dinner. Make it look official! The twist…list everything he did for you / your family. Think up everything that meant something to you, 30 minutes homework assistance, 1 hour yard work, running errands, etc… for amount due list something you are willing / are going to do for him.

8) Fold down the bed before bedtime. Apparently, this is a real luxury! Fluff the pillows, make it look neat, spritz the pillows with something light and good smelling, turn on his light and clean off his nightstand (DON’T throw anything important…or what he thinks is important away)

9) Make a “treat” drawer, I use the nightstand drawer. You could just put a bowl in the drawer with his favorite treats. My Big Daddy LOVES this! He shows it off to his friends, this makes it extra special for me.

10) Do something regularly for his family. This can sometimes be a bit tricky if you have a blended family but this is SO important. Pick up a birthday card for you both to sign and send out. Give him ideas for Christmas gifts for his family (if you do that), remind him to call when something important is happening. By the way; his Sister and Mother can be your best friends or your enemy, TREAT THEM WELL!

11) Give him the “Flash”! This is SssSooOoo much fun! When you are getting ready for work or to go out. Get all your jewelry on, do your hair and make up, put on your sexiest shoes and announce you are ready to go. What? How could I have forgotten to put on my dress? Sexy Lingerie or panties are an option. OR instead of kissing him goodbye in the morning just give him a little flash. Just beware that he will be thinking of that ALL day and will want to come home to see the rest.

12) Game Day Party! Whoop! Whoop! On Sunday, when there is NO one coming over to watch the game or Nascar with Big Daddy, I will secretly plan a party for two. I print out a few team color posters / pics, dress in team colors and bring out a few snacks to watch the game with. He LOVES stuffed mushrooms, homemade jalapeno poppers (baked not fried), chips and dip. It is all easy stuff, just act interested and cheer along. DON’T ask questions about the specifics of the race or game like “Why do they all have the same kind of car?” or “What does that mean?” They don’t like it too much if they have to answer these kinds of questions and quite honestly, do you really care about the answer?

13) Come up with a catch phrase. This is kind of flirty. There is a commercial where a camel is excited about it being “hump” day….Uhhh so is Big Daddy! I will ask him (on any given day) “You know what day it is?” his reply “HUMP DAY WHOOP WHOOP!” It makes him happy! My girlfriend and her Big Daddy use “Let’s go diving, scuba diving that is”. I know, silly right? but effective!

14) Make him a “spot”.  Big Daddy pays the bills. Instead of his things being all over the place when he does it, I created his own spot for it. A drawer in our bedroom where the checkbook is, pens, a few envelopes (stamped and our return address already on them), a calendar with days marked to remind him when the annual home insurance is due or to get quotes for car insurance before it renews, the bills and a book with the websites and passwords for paying online bills. I open all the bills and just leave the actual bill (cuts down on garbage).

15) I try to keep things as FREE as I can but sometimes a fun t-shirt in the mail is great. We have a Harley motorcycle and go riding quite a bit. We also fish, dive and go to football parties. You have to have the right shirt for it! I will go online and find one that NO one else around here has. His friends get a real “kick” out of it…so does he!

16) Fill the fridge with his favorite / standard drink. Big Daddy is a HUGE Coke drinker. I ALWAYS make sure the fridge is stocked with plenty of cold Cokes for him. I also make sure there is a frosty beer available on the off chance he wants one of those too. These simple pleasures mean a lot. If you are not sure about it then don’t do it one day, you’ll hear about it then.

17) For goodness sakes, TAKE CARE OF HIS DOG! I am NOT a dog person but a few have stolen my heart now and then. We have two dogs now. One for Big Daddy and one for our Allie Sparkles. Feed them, wash them, take them to the vet. One of the sure fire ways to your Big Daddy’s heart is through his dog. Besides, you don’t want a smelly dog around anyhow! Even if they are cute!

18) Plan for the Holidays! I have a little list I keep in my wallet with things Big Daddy mentions he wants. NOW most men, especially mine, will get what they want when they want it. I try to get things he doesn’t / won’t get for himself. One year I took a bunch of pics of his dog by our pool, I blew my favorite one up and had it framed. It made him cry! Big Daddy is NOT a crier! Thank goodness I did, that girl passed away last year and it has been his treasured gift! I have an awesome gift this year but can’t tell you yet…just in case he is listening.

19) Sometimes it is the things you don’t do that make him Love you even more. I DON’T tell him when there is an issue I can handle myself. When something is going on with my car I call the dealer and get it handled! The kids (His and Mine!) know to call me FIRST when they have something that needs to be taken care of. We do it quietly and tell him later. My only exception with the kids is if it involves significant money, you obviously have to tell him (after you get all the specifics worked out first to soften the blow).

20). Now that should be a good start for you. I will save the rest for when you need a bit of an inspiration. You can always follow me on twitter @secretsofawife for daily inspiration #50ways

Happy Sexy Saturday!


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