$800 Panties!


Who doesn’t love rubbing the Bull’s Balls in the Financial District, New York!

My Sister just got $800 Panties…JUST THE PANTIES WERE $800! The Bra was another $800 and something dollars! Holy Bejoiles! I have tons of other things I could do with $1600! Like go on a trip!

When I first moved in with my husband we had a bit of a difference of opinion about finances. I have been a single Mom with 4 children who are all 11 months apart for most of my life. He was a successful bachelor most of his life. He used to tell me “We are not on a budget”. Not meaning we have tons of money to throw around but more like, we don’t have to second guess every basket of groceries we purchase. He was retired when we married and now thankfully, I am retired as well. At least from the 9am to 5pm job, now I work 24/7 (enter snicker here!). 

Oh Boy! Have I taught him some pretty neat tricks! Over the years he has come to appreciate the fact that I am frugal (but not cheap!). I never buy clothes for myself or my grands unless they are on clearance. I rarely spend money on impulse items, unless they are crafting supplies…someone has an obsession with crafting…wonder who???? Even then they are always on clearance. Okay, SO I am frugal and shop the clearance section, so what?!?! What is the big deal?!?! Don’t you even want to know why?!?!

Durty Nelly's Ireland! Bring a nappy! There is a reason they call it that!

Durty Nelly’s Ireland!
Bring a nappy! There is a reason they call it that!

I LOVE to travel! It takes money to travel! I need both! SSSSOOOO I keep a food journal everyday. I plan our meals , breakfast, lunch, dinners, uses for left overs, what worked, what didn’t, make sure we don’t have 4 days in a row that we have had Mexican or Hamburgery/chickeny/saucey meals too much, etc… I research ways to save electricity, clean with natural or household products, take care of our appliances so they run efficiently, ways to use dinner leftovers, shop clearance, blah, blah, blah. I keep a jar with all our change hidden away and even learned a new trick where you stash every $5 bill you get. Wow does that add up fast! I am always secretly planning my next trip. I go so far as to find ticket information and hotel info.

When I tell Big Daddy about what I am planning I usually approach it like this…”I was thinking…” He knows something is up…Because with me, something is ALWAYS up! Big Daddy is so proud of me for watching out for our money. He brags about me when I save a bunch of money on a big ticket item or negotiate a great price for something. What he doesn’t know is that I have an ulterior motive. WE ARE GOING ON A TRIP!

1500 feet down in the Rain Forest Mindo Ecuador. Yup! Also 1500 feet back up!

1500 feet down in the Rain Forest Mindo Ecuador. Yup! Also 1500 feet back up!

Now, I would love to wear $1600 worth of panties on my hiney but a trip would be far better!

I wonder where we will end up next?  Where would you go?


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