Turnin’ Me On Tuesday!


You know what really turns me on?!?! Going to bed in a cozy, clean, good smelling bedroom with fresh sheets!

Now I am going to share a secret that not many women share ENTIRELY with their girlfriends. Take care of yourself first ! Now, I am sure your girlfriends tell you “Girl, take care of yourself !” What they don’t tell you, or what they may not even realize, is this… When you take care of yourself first you are taking care of him, by taking care of him, you are taking care of yourself! SAY WHAT!?!?

How you ask???? Well, let me tell you… Mondays are my Master Bedroom clean sheets day. I make it a habit to make my bed as soon as I get out of it. Now, Big Daddy jokes with his friends and says “I can not even get out of bed to go to the bathroom without returning to a made bed”. They all joke about what a “good wife” I am. Silly boys! It may appear that I am being a super wife when in reality I am ready to get up and get going with my day. If the bed is unmade then Big Daddy may think that is an invitation to get back in it and I won’t be able to get all the things I planned for him to do done. Following me?

Now on to the “Turnin’ Me On” part…. Right after dinner, when everyone is getting back to their television shows or enjoying sitting outside for a bit of evening conversation, I sneak into each room, quickly pick up, put out the jammies, put out fresh towels, fold down the beds and turn on the bedside lamp. AGAIN, while it may appear that I am such a dutiful wife / mother / hostess, I am in reality making my life a bit easier. Getting out of the door the next morning will be eased by everyone having all their things in their proper place. I just happen to enjoy getting out of the shower to fresh towels and slip into my jammies.  I just happen to love to go to bed in a freshly turned down bed! I can’t help it that it makes me look like a wonder woman! I am just taking care of myself…Oh and Big Daddy too!

So, take a minute to take care of yourself and let him think it is ALL about him!

What turns you on?


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