Happy Little Homemaker

Seriously! Happy Little Homemaker! I am going to share a little secret with you, when I tell you this your Grandmother, Mom, Aunts and Sisters are going to suck in their breath a little and raise their hands in disgust. Trust me on this one!

Don’t EVER depend on a man for anything!

See, I told you! There is a very good reason I am sharing this with you! Not only should you NOT depend on any one person to make you happy but because when you don’t depend on a man you are far happier! For my 16th birthday I thought I was getting a car, Didn’t you?!?! NOPE, no such luck! My parents must have planned my 16th birthday from the first day I was born, this was evident by what I received. IT WASN’T A CAR, UGH! Early in the day, right after breakfast my father sat me down and told me a little story. It goes like this….

A cat was walking across the railroad tracks. When she was about half way across, she saw the train coming and tried to make it to the other side quickly. She didn’t quite make it in time and the train cut the end of her tail off. Not wanting to look silly with the tip of her tail missing she decided to go back for it. As she made her way back another train came and cut her head off. “Do you know what the moral of this story is?” he asked. Mortified at the story, I guessed “Look both ways? Stay away from trains?” No…Don’t lose your head over a piece of tail. Ahhhh words to live by!

Expecting the car any time, my mother sat me down after dinner and…..told me another story. REALLY? No car Mom?!?!

Never depend on a man for anything! Always have your own car, your own job, your own money, your own identity. All men are exactly the same. AND most importantly NEVER marry a military man!

Even at the tender age of 16, as a young woman, I understood most of her “advice”. She wanted me to be a strong woman, to be independent, to be able to support myself. I must not have understood the “NEVER marry a military man” statement as she intended it. What she meant was… NEVER leave me! I love them both for my gift. The car would have been nice too, by the way!

If you really want to be a “Happy Little Homemaker” you should be on the lookout for the next post. Who knows what little secrets I have to share with you…..

The Mother who did NOT give me a car but gave me more than I could have ever wanted!

The Mother who did NOT give me a car but gave me more than I could have ever wanted!

This is why I am who I am!

This is why I am who I am!


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